Quick Facts

1. What does Kodoom Mean?

  • Kodoom, means "which one" in Persian and was incorporated in 2007 as an independent private partnership in the United States.
  • As a targeted information hub, Kodoom.com specializes in bilingual Iran-related news/events search and aggregation services

2. Number of users? Demographics?

  • We are the only established and trusted community events calendar listing and marketing channel for the five million Iranians in diaspora.
  • In 2014, more than 2 million people visited our Local events and Global news pages, or searched for keywords or media links.
  • As a Special Interest Targeted Website Kodoom.com appeals to captive high-income, highly educated users:
    • 65% with income greater than $50,000
    • 75% in the 25-55 age range
    • 82% with college or advanced degrees
  • Our user base is located 45% in North America, 35% in Europe and 20% in Asia/Australia.

Region Monthly Visitors
Southern California, USA 45,700
Northern California, USA 23,800
New York (Tri-state) 17,350
Washington, D.C. (Tri-state), USA 18,800
Texas, USA 12,500
Chicago, USA 7,800
Southeastern, USA (FL, GA) 7,500
Toronto, Canada 20,900
Vancouver, Canada 8,570
Montreal, Canada 5,400
United Kingdom 36,200 (22,500 in London)
Western Europe
Germany, Benelux, France, Austria, Italy and ...
Scandinavia, Europe 14,200
Australia 12,780
Middle East (Iran, UAE, Turkey) 21,000
Southeast Asia + India + Japan 11,800

3. Why advertise with Kodoom.com?

  • We are simply the most cost-effective channel to locally or regionally target this population.
  • Ads often cost $0.01-$0.05 per viewer or $0.10-$0.25 per targeted click.
  • Kodoom's content is distributed widely on different platforms:
    • Website (Kodoom.com and Kodoom.com/en/ reached 2 million unique users in 2014)
    • Affiliate sites (such as http://www.670amkirn.com/special-events-english.html)
    • Social networks, Search engines, and Email alerts to currently 80000 subscribers.
  • Example of previous advertisers:
    • The Smithsonian Institute
    • Live Nation (TicketMaster)
    • Asian Art Museum in San Francisco
    • U.S. Census Bureau
    • Global telecom companies
    • Movie distributors
    • Book distributors
    • Non-profit groups
    • And more than 1200 local event promoters
  • We have also sold tickets for more than 400 events.
  • Our news and events pages are designed to generate cross-traffic to our other ads.

Local Business Ads or Events

1. Where is my Local Ad shown? How Large is the Tile Poster?

  • Your Local ad for events, services, products or tickets is shown with a large poster, 250 pix by 250 pix as seen in the schematic with letter L on it.
  • To both website users and email subscribers usually within a 120-240 miles (190 - 400 kM) radius.

2. How can I post an Event, Restaurant or Local Business Ad?

  • You can promote your Local Business or Event in Kodoom.com and emails using one of below links.
  • We will promote your event in our local page and emails FOR FREE if you offer at least 20 tickets for sale online at Kodoom.com like many others (tickets.kodoom.com) and allow us at least 2 weeks to sell them. For Details see section below on tickets.
  • Even without tickets or a paid advertisement, local events can be approved for free, WITHOUT poster, website link and price details, but depending on the large volume of competing paid submissions, it may take DAYS to process and approve free event listings.

3. How many Emails will you send for me? What is the cost?

  • Emails usually go out every Thursday night and will also include your ad poster and link IF you meet the Minimum number of advertised days that week (3 for events and 5 for Business Ads).
  • Advertised events will be approved within 24 Hours with A POSTER and placement on home page even if you buy ONE day of advertisement on our ad calendar. To lower your cost, play with our calendar to buy ads on days that we have fewer competing paid events and lower ad costs.
  • Ads cost mostly between $4-$12 a day and total cost will depend on number of days you request a local ad, number of users in the area, and how many other ads are promoted in that area, so you will save money if you are an early advertiser.
  • You can pay to advertise your Local Business or Restaurant Ads, you must buy at least 5 days (in a week) on our ad calendar to be included in Local Emails and Placed on Home page Ads.
  • To See Rates and Availability in your Area, click on one of the buttons below to create the Event or Business Ad and you will be directed after adding details to Local Promotion Calendar.

4. Design and Promote your Website

  • You do not need a high budget website to be visible on Google. Because Kodoom.com is here since 2007 collecting specific Iran related information, we are highly ranked on Google and search engines on keywords related to Iran and Iranians, Persian, etc. So by listing your business on Kodoom.com, we will help you become visible to people searching on our site or on Google for news or events like concerts, movies, etc. We will also include reputable businesses on our local emails for as little as $50. Contact Us for more Details.
  • Website Design for FREE: Kodoom.com is among the most advanced code developments and the most trusted websites in the Persian community. People will also judge YOUR business from your website quality and where you advertise. We will help reputable businesses build and customize their website and promote them for SEO (search engine optimization) visibility for FREE if they are promoting their business on our emails and website. Contact Us with Business Name and Phone Number for more Details.

Sell Tickets for Events

1. How Does Online Ticketing at Kodoom work?

  • We have sold tickets for nearly 500 events so far, including concerts of Maestro Shajarian, Benyamin, Andy, Omid, Moein, Sattar, Leila Forouhar and many others such as movies, plays, and seminars shown on the mosaic tile here.
  • Tickets can be sold with seat or Table numbers on an interactive or static seating chart, or as General admission.
  • Each ticket sale confirmation will generate an email to event owner with name of purchaser. Event owner can also log in and check details of sales on Secure Event Management panel.
  • Ticket buyers can be admitted on a Will CALL (Pick Up) window on event day from a Guestlist or by scanning the QR Code printed on the tickets (shown below) using Kodoom.com’s admission panel.

2. Fees and Payments?

  • In most cases, the credit card processing fee of around 3% is charged to event owner. In special cases, upon request by event owner and approval by Kodoom, the card processing fee can be transferred to ticket buyer.
  • Proceeds from sales is sent to Event owner as a check (US only) or transferred via Paypal within 6-7 business days after the event’s end date.

3. How to Set Up Tickets?

  • You need to first register your event on our system and after clicking on My Account, My Events (link) , Edit Ticket Details. For Tickets sold by seat numbers and seating charts, you need to contact us (link) for set up. We can also create coupon codes, and define sales agents for you to manage such as stores, other websites, etc.
  • Event owners can log in regularly and check details of sales on Secure Event Management panel (example shown below).

Regional or Global Ads

1. Where is my Regional Ad shown? How Large is the Tile Poster?

  • You choose a region: North America, Europe, Asia/Australia, and your ad will be shown with a large poster, 300 pix by 300 pix as seen in the schematic with letter R on it.
  • To both website users and email subscribers within a region. Emails usually go out every Thursday night and will include your ad poster tile and link once for every month advertised.

2. How much does it cost?

  • Our 150000-300000 monthly users are located 45% in North America, 35% in Europe and 20% in Asia/Australia.
  • To See monthly ad costs and availability in your region, contact us.

Example of Other Advertisers?